With the 2016/17 PSL season currently under way, Ajax Cape Town would like to offer everyone the opportunity of hiring a suite at Cape Town Stadium for some of the biggest matches of the season.

Benefits of hiring a suite at Cape Town Stadium include:

  1. Impressing business associates
  2. Entertaining guests and friends
  3. Rewarding staff members
  4. Secure environment for all
  5. Different packages to suit your needs

All suites include match tickets and different hospitality options. VIP parking inside the stadium is included for suite guests. We have managed to price the hospitality packages at a very basic level (Bronze) in an attempt to get many more people to try it out for the first time. Furthermore even for the top level (Gold) our pricing is more than competitive. There is absolutely no reason why you should not make your next “team building” event one that includes a match at the fantastic Cape Town Stadium to watch your home team Ajax Cape Town.

Supporting your local football team, Ajax Cape Town, will ensure that we continuously challenge the teams from the North, making Cape Town the hub of South African Football in the future. The only way for Cape Town to play a major role on the SA soccer scene is for local support to come out and support local soccer. Once you start watching the game live from a suite and enjoy the atmosphere, catering and beverages, you won’t want to watch it any other way.

For more details please do not hesitate to contact Dion Mostert on or view further details and pricing on the Hospitality tab on our website.