Sonwabile Mfecane: Working hard is number one!

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Ajax Amsterdam academy player ,Sonwabile Mfecane, on Monday afternoon (16h30) touched down in Cape Town ,on Emirates Airline flight EK770, following a three week trial at Ajax Amsterdam.

The 17-year-old midfielder was exclusively invited to the Netherlands by the Dutch club’s director of football, Marc Overmars, following a recent trip to the Mother City.

Ahead of his flight back to South Africa via Dubai, we caught up with Sonwabile to find out from the man himself; on his experience in what was a cold Amsterdam.

“I had a very good time, three weeks, it was very short for me,” said a smiling Mfecane. “I had a very good time, very good experience for me, for my football career.

“I think going back to South Africa now I am a much better player and I got a lot of good experience coming over here [to the Netherlands].

Sonwabile trained under the watchful eye of former Ajax Amsterdam players – turned coaches – George Ogăraru and Johnny Heitinga in his time at the club, with the Mfuleni resident impressed with the quality of football.

Moreover, Mfecane believes he would have improved even more hadn’t he suffered a bout of flu on his arrival in Amsterdam.

“The level of training was very high, my first week I had to just keep up with the team. The last week I got better, much better,” Mfecane added.

“The first week for me was a real setback when I got sick because each and every day I got better. It was a setback, if only I could have trained the first week I was here it would have been much better.

Mfecane is set to return to the Netherlands in May with the Ajax Cape Town Under-19’s, and has stated that he intends to put in the extra yards over the coming weeks to be an even better player in two months time.

“Certainly, I have a lot to work on still. I think me coming here made me a better player, not a complete player just yet, I still have a lot to work on so when I am back in South Africa I have to work harder,” Mfecane continued.

“When I go back to the Netherlands in May I think I will be better than I was [the first time].

Furthermore, Mfecane enjoyed his time staying with a Dutch guest family, with a fellow trialist from Poland having taken up house with the Urban Warrior in Amsterdam.

“It was a good experience, learning a different language. I had a Polish guy that came through and stayed with us. It was a good experience, the family…perfect people, lovely people. Amsterdam is the place to be.

Mfecane highlighted the importance of hard work, and advised players that are looking to follow in his footsteps, to do just that – work hard and remain focused!

“Working hard is number one, there is always someone watching out there. If you continue working hard there will always be something for you out there, be patient and if you work hard – remain focused – something will come your way.

Mfecane also reserved a special word of thanks for Ajax Amsterdam as he now sets his sights on making a swift return to Europe – not only as a member of the Under-19 team…

“Thank you to Ajax Amsterdam for inviting me for three weeks, for a perfect training experience and everything they did for me. It was great, I loved it. Thank you for everything,” Mfecane concluded.

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