De Abreu family travel 1100km to attend Ajax Cape Town Holiday Clinics

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The Ajax Cape Town School Holiday Clinics are making waves throughout South Africa, with one family literally going that extra mile – 1100 kilometres to be exact!

Dad Fernando, Mom Sandra and their two kids, Leila and Vasco, made the long trip all the way down from Welkom in the Free State province – specifically for their kids to attend the Clinics hosted at Ikamva in Parow this week.

Vasco attended the ages 6-10 Clinic on the Monday and Tuesday with older sister Leila taking part in the ages 10-15 Clinic on the Wednesday and Thursday.

“We are from the Free State, from a town called Welkom,” said Sandra. “We are Portuguese, my son and daughter thoroughly enjoy the game of soccer. Unfortunately, in Welkom there isn’t the opportunity like here, at Ajax, that is the reason why we came all the way to Cape Town: to broaden their experience about what it is all about.

“To show [our kids] how these kids are well mannered, disciplined and the respect and manners they should have. It is not only about being a good player but a team player.

“This was our first clinic, a friend of ours who brought their son here in December last year told us about it – they are in the same school [St Dominic’s College], that is how we found out.

“We made the trip into a holiday, we have family here so we made it into a holiday as well.

Vasco and Leila reacted equally as positive to the Clinics:

“It was nice, I would like to come here again – I enjoyed everything.” said Vasco, before Leila added: “It was very nice, I enjoyed the matches the most and what real training is all about. I liked all the coaches.

Fernando was especially pleased with the manner in which the club’s staff treated his son and daughter throughout the week:

“We appreciate what Ajax is doing for the kids with these Holiday Clinics,” Fernando said. “You guys are giving up your own free time for this, yes we are paying, but I can feel that what you guys are doing for the kids comes from the heart – we really appreciate it as parents, we really appreciate the manner in which our kids have been treated and they really enjoyed their time at the club,” he concluded.

Ajax Cape Town Holiday Clinics

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