Ajax Cape Town visits Wallacedene Secondary School

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Ajax Cape Town last week visited Wallacedene Secondary School in Kraaifontein to deliver a workshop, focusing primarily on nutrition.

Urban Warriors Community Scheme Coordinator, Riyaad Khan,highlighted the importance of such a visit with the club to return to the school on a regular basis in the new term:

“We visited Wallacedene School in Kraaifontein, it is a Secondary School which the Ajax Cape Community Scheme has neglected in the past – we tend to focus most of our attention on the Primary School kids because obviously there you can still prevent them from making wrong decisions,” said Khan.

“We implemented the Kick & Learn programme, it was more of an introductory to get the school familiar with what we plan to do before we go in there on a full-time six week programme in the new term.

Khan continued: “We did basically the live orientation segment of the Kick & Learn programme, concentrating on nutrition and how to become more fit.

“Obviously that is a big problem we have with the youth: eating too much junk food, spending too much time in front of the TV, Play-Station etc.

“Basically, we had a friendly discussion together – talking about the foods we should be eating, foods we should be staying away from and also how to improve our fitness levels by engaging more in physical activities as opposed to sitting in front of the TV, computers; becoming more restless so to speak.

“It is a programme that we did with about 35 kids – both boys and girls – which is another key aspect to remember. Although we are a soccer club we are looking to do more than just soccer activities, we are looking at life skills. That can appeal to a wide number of kids, that are not necessarily good at football, but want to become better people.

“So we had a good conversation with both boys and girls, soccer is for everyone. The kids seemed very infused, we rewarded them with a few Ajax giveaways which always help and hopefully these kids will be Ajax followers for years to come, and we look forward to following up the programme in the new term,” he concluded.

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