8-year-old David Powis talks School Holiday Clinics

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Ajax Cape Town this week opened its doors for the 2017 April School Holiday Clinics, with over 50 kids in attendance over the course of four days.

On Monday and Tuesday, kids between the ages of 6-10 flocked to Ikamva with three dedicated coaches taking those present through several training drills – also hammering home the value of structure and ball possession.

One of those in attendance was 8-year-old David Powis who thoroughly enjoyed his time at the club:

“The clinic is very good fun,” said David.

“I learnt about dribbling: you must keep the ball close to your foot and use the inside and outside of your foot.You must not only look at the ball but look all around and run into open spaces and listen to the coach while dribbling.

“My favourite was the number game…was cool fun…I scored 6 goals all together! I also loved playing matches. I loved the food – they give us a huge plate of food and my best was the macaroni and chicken…yum!”

“Coach Monde was my favourite coach last time I came here, he is cool – this time it was coach Rio [Riyaad Kahn],” David concluded.

David’s mum, Penny, was full of praise for the Clinics with the Urban Warriors happy to hear that David’s brother will be making his first appearance at the Clinics next year:

“This was David’s 3rd clinic; I feel the clinics are fantastic,really reasonably priced: the care,food and skills training the boys receive is amazing and I have seen David grow in skill and confidence,” said Penny.

“He will definitely be back and his little brother will be old enough to join next year too….and yes we tell everyone and post lots of pics on Facebook.”

Ajax Cape Town’s next School Holiday Clinics will take place at the start of July – stay tuned for more information.

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